Rules to the Game

Learn How Charles Cannon Came Up in the Car Business & His Very Own Rules to the Game

Charles Cannon - Rules to the game

About The Book & The Author

Get to know Charles and his unique experiences within the automotive world

Charles Cannon

Rules To The Game

Charles has been in the automotive & sales industry for over 20 years. In Rules to the Game, Charles shares what he’s learned works and what doesn’t to help new and experienced automotive players fast-track their careers. 

Charles Cannon

Charles Cannon developed a passion for the car business during his career of over 20 years. Along with Rules to the Game, he has also written a book called The 10 Things to Look for in a Professional Salesperson. Charles has been a high-producing salesperson, sales manager, and General Sales Manager throughout his career in the automotive industry.

Charles is also a dedicated family man who spends his free time with his wife and four children enjoying what the good life has to offer.

In this book you will learn:

Origins and family icon

His origins, details about his family, and how his life nearly took a different turn.

Newspaper icon

How answering an ad in the paper lead to a lifetime of opportunities.

Lessons icon

The lessons Charles has learned from the bottom to the top.

Rules icon

Charles Cannon’s Rules to the Game.

Success icon

How to be successful in the car business.

More icon

And so much more!

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