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2015 BMW M235i Convertible estoril blue review Houston Texas

By: Charles Cannon   |   16 Mar 2015

BMW has just released the M235i convertible and it is an awesome converitible to drive around!  Packing the familiar twin turbo inline 6 cylinder, it has 320 horsepower and is capable of going 0-60 in 4.8 seconds with the automatic and 5 seconds with the manual transmission.

Compared to other BMWs in the lineup, this features a soft top, so you have more room in the trunk vs. having a limited space with the hardtop convertibles. Compared to the coupe, there are a couple extra features that you get with the convertible:

1) Over air updates for navigation

2) LTE support for faster connectivity for the BMW Online feature.

3) The A/C and radio controls are surrounded by a high-gloss black panel as opposed to the matte black panel in the Coupe

4) The center air vents are highlighted in chrome in the Convertible, whereas the Coupe is high-gloss black

Watch this video to see some of these features in action:



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