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Should you consider BMW M sport brakes? #Houston

By: Charles Cannon   |   12 Feb 2015

For people that want a little more "bite" out of their brakes, BMW offers the M sport brakes!  These brakes are available on the 2 series (standard on the M235i), 3 series, and 4 series.  These brakes offer excellent pedal feel, good fade resistance, and an awesome response.

They feature a 4 piston fixed caliper in the front and 2 piston in the rear.  The calipers are painted blue with the M logo on all 4!  For people that consider themselves "aggressive drivers" or occassionally take their BMW on a track, they are a great option to consider.

The only downside is that they produce more brake dust vs. the standard brakes, but it is a small price to pay for a great set of brakes!  Watch the video below to see how they differ vs. the standard brakes:




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